Homes and Neighborhoods of the East Bay Real Estate

Abio Properties has been operating with the East Bay real estate since the very beginning. The East Bay is globally renowned for its vibrant community, its energetic academic lifestyle and the immense cultural diversity which makes it a rich experience for both its residents and the people who visit this dynamic region. East Bay is a vast area located on the East of the San Francisco Bay and includes one of the most popular cities of America which are popular for both its academic institutions such as the leafy town of Berkeley and the its metropolis commercials such as Oakland not mentioning the beautiful countryside of the towns contained in the Costa Contra County. Some of the most elegant MLS listings have been reported in the cities of East Bay.

The City Of Berkeley

The leafy town of Berkeley is known for its high-end educational institutes and the very own Ivy League University, the University of California. The city is fueled with the dynamic mixture of culture and arts, the lush green parks, the tree-lined houses and the beautiful and charming neighborhoods.

Our real estate agents working in Berkeley have reported some amazing houses some of which are:-

  • 4 bed | 1 bath | 1,407 sqft (apx)
  • $769,000
  • 4 bed | 3 bath | 2,500 sqft (apx)
  • $1,949,000
  • 3 bed | 1 bath | 1,100 sqft (apx)
  • $749,000
  • 4 bed | 4 bath | 4,995 sqft (apx)
  • $2,688,888

The City of El Cerrito

The city is popular for its great local, spectacular Bay views and an amazing climate. The city has a newly built community center which has awesome amenities such as the swimming pool including other facilities. Hilly area of the city has some houses for sale that have a dazzling view of the San Francisco city and the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. The local farmer’s market is also hosted in the El Cerrito Plaza which is a big fascination for the foodies. The famous store, the El Cerrito Natural Grocery is yet another feature of the city which is recently reported to have included an organic produce section. You will also be amazed to find a Cerrito Movie Theater in the countryside city which has still the look and feel of the 30s. The famous Contra Costa Civic Theater is yet another amenity of the El Cerrito city.

New homes for sale as well as the regular East Bay real estate in the MLS listings include:-

  • 1 bed | 1 bath | 594 sqft (apx)
  • $495,000
  • 3 bed | 2 bath | 1,290 sqft (apx)
  • $749,500
  • 3 bed | 2 bath | 2,432 sqft (apx)
  • $1,298,000
  • 3 bed | 2 bath | 1,490 sqft (apx)
  • $489,000

Oakland MLS Search for homes in your budget

You may browse through some excellent Oakland MLS Search for homes in the growing city of the Bay Area. Abio Properties helps you being part of this excellent community and explore through all sorts of real estate and houses for sale ranging from modular and luxury homes to the awe-inspiring condominiums. Contact us for living the Californian Dream.

MLS Listings in Oakland

The real estate in Oakland is thriving. You may find a lot of opportunities here to explore from including some of the booming new retirement communities. The areas of Oakley, Sam Ramon and Dublin also have flourishing openings as well for lands for construction and fully furnished houses including some great opportunities in the neighborhoods of Alameda. We will connect you with the ablest contractors in the area if you plan to have your houses designed and constructed with your own creativity. With us, you will expand your search for all the opportunities present in the city of Oakland and the bigger Bay Area. We will connect you with the immense databases of MLS listings of the entire East Bay to find you the ideal home you are looking for; after all, buying a home is not an every day’s job. You will in the MLS listings, the real estate and houses for sale with the additional information of the number of bedrooms, yards and other amenities including the prices and mortgages. Our real estate agents will guide you through all the processes necessary for you attain ownership of the property.

Real Estate opportunities in Oakland

The Real Estate listings of 2016 with us have forecasted some of the hottest neighborhoods in the metropolitan area of San Francisco all of which happen to be in the city of Oakland. Our forecast is for the coming 12 months which claims that as for as the criteria for the potential prices in the entire area, Oakland MLS Search for homes stands as the principal gainer having in it the Jefferson neighborhood which claims the highest spot of all. These are the areas where we predict that the home prices will rise the fastest. One of the Chief Economist in the area proclaimed to the Business Times magazine, “In the Bay Area, fast-growing home values are caused by high demand. San Francisco’s job market is doing well and a lot of people are competing for the same housing, driving up prices.” Gudell, another prominent personality in the field stated that the ongoing boom can be very good news for the owners of real estate in Oakland. She attested, “In 2016, people will continue to cross the bridge hoping to find an affordable place to live, driving up home values in Oakland neighborhoods.” She also added, “Oakland is seeing a lot of fast growth, new businesses – like Uber – and it’s changing fast” and “Oakland’s going to look a lot different at the end of 2016 than it did at the beginning,” she said.

Enhancing the Value of Your Property: Trusted Real Estate Professional’s Advice

Buying and selling your house or property is an overwhelming task sometimes when there are no trust able real estate professionals to rely on to make your Oakland homes for sale a joyful experience. Home buyers and sellers need a handy checklist to streamline all the activities and simplify this process in the available short time. Let us show you how to create a checklist and simplify this daunting process with the help of strong real estate agents.

Making Your Property Selling Interesting: Expert Tips From Abio Team

There is the host of things you need to keep in mind before selling your property with Oakland real estate agents. You need to re-design or arrange your kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and lounges to make an everlasting impression on the customers. Once your house is put on the market, your goal of getting the most out of your sales cannot be met without creating a checklist of following activities from Oakland real estate agents Abio Property dealers:

  • Maximize your visual floor space by rearranging your furniture
  • Nurture the plants in your house to enhance its value.
  • Wallpapers and wall art must not be more than one or two items per room.
  • Keep the decorative and best condition books in the book shelf.
  • Dark spaces can be reduced by adding lamps to the rooms.
  • Do not use the scented sprays or candles in the rooms. Instead, use the oil diffuser in your home to make it smell fresh.
  • Remove any ashtrays and keep the dining table clean.
  • Chandelier must be at least 60 inches above the floor.
  • Do not keep the extra chairs on the dining table, remove them; the ideal seating plan must include 4-6 chairs.
  • Do no leave any items scattered on the kitchen countertops.
  • Empty the carbage can and organize the pantry.
  • Before showing your house to customers, remove the pet food and water dishes from home.
  • Make your bed clean and organized and clean your closets.
  • High watt bulbs will lighten up your rooms much more than ordinary bulbs.
  • Replace the old shower curtains and put a bottle of hand soap in the bathroom.
  • In the exterior, remove any paint from the front door.


Before putting your Oakland homes for sale, use of expert advice tips for making the most out of your property during sale. These tasks are not hard, and it will not take forever to accomplish them; making a checklist is inevitable before you can invest your time and efforts into actually selling your property. The better you plan the process, the quicker it will finish.

When the prospective buyers come to see your house, it must not look like an old creaky house. The team of innovative real estate professionals has vast knowledge and experience to guide their customers thoroughly to make them stand out from the most sellers. Abio Property services are a symbol of trust in Canada to get a great offer on your property.

Stage Your Home to Sell Brilliantly

Have you decided to sell your existing home? If so, then you must plan a strategy to sell it to potential buyers by presenting it in a brilliant way. You usually live in a house with some deficiencies; major improvements may be required when you have your house for SALE. It could mean adding a few attractive kitchen appliances on the counter, renovating your bathroom with shower enclosures or fill your living room with artificial flowers to provide an elegant feel to your home. Staging your home for selling should meet your goal of SELLING it.

No Need for a Professional Home Stager

To make the home beautiful so that your buyers can love it, you do not need to hire a professional home stager. Do not spend money like crazy for doing the simple things that you can do yourself; for example, packing up your clothes for creating space in the closets, clean off counters in the kitchen and bathrooms, take out some extra furniture from your rooms to make them look spacious, etc. You can do these things with little effort with family. Moreover, do not cover backyard doors with furniture; make room to reach out to porch easily.

Let the Sunlight into the House

The buyers love to buy a sunny and shiny house with sunlight pouring inside. Clean the plantation shutters and put the plants under direct sunlight. Use smooth curtains that do not block sunlight from entering the rooms.

Re-arrange Your Bathroom like a Hotel

People living in mls east bay area maybe a little choosy about their bathroom style, what you can do to renovate your bathroom look like a hotel is to sparkle it with linens. Use sparkling towels provide a feel and look of a spa or hotel bathroom. Guests would love it and enjoy visiting your bathroom. A shower curtain would attract the buyers; brilliant bathrooms have white curtains with a railing. Put one or two round mirrors above faucets for beauty and need.

Turn All Your Lights on during Buyer’s Visit

You can figure out with family how much light each room needs. An attractive way to present your east bay homes for sale in a fabulous way is to turn all your lights on to brighten up your house. No room or bathroom should look dark during a buyer’s visit; inexpensive lamps can do a good job for glowing your rooms. The brightly lit shiny house will never give a depressive feeling to the buyers.

Change the Kitchen Looks

Buyers of houses for sale love granite counter in the kitchen. It looks good, and it is durable as well. Paint your kitchen and let it dry with a light color like white, cream or blue to increase your chances of a sale.

Ditch the Rugs

A large majority of buyers prefer to buy a house with hardwood floors. If you have a carpet throughout the main living area that may be fine for you but a buyer can refuse the deal in that case. A rug will look bad, and it may also smell like pets.

Set the Temperature

A quickly selling house has one quality of a moderate and mild temperature. No one likes to live in a new house that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. You can apply some measures to control the humidity in the house; the overly stuffy house can be turned into a welcoming paradise if the buyers take a breath of fresh air after entering your house.

How To Avoid Searching Homes in the Wrong Places?

Buying your dream home is easier over the internet when you have access to so the best property experts who can assist you with your purchasing decision over a morning coffee. It is also possible to get confused over so many listings while finding your perfect home; you may seem to get lost and end up buying a house at the wrong place which you may regret later on. No wonder you pay a great price for no personal satisfaction and obtain less value for your money. Let us help you avoid searching a new home at the wrong places.

Establish Your Budget First

Finding Oakland home search and wasting valuable days is a pain in the head. You may require a lengthy documentation and bank statements by lenders, embarrassing moments can frustrate you when you cannot find a good broker. If you are not comfortable spending the huge amount immediately, then wait for a few month to enlarge your savings. Expenses like property taxes, home insurances, and commissions may put you out of a budget.

Don’t Search Home Like the Bigfoot

Do not get lost during searching your dream home; the feeling that finding a perfect home is impossible is not true when you hire east bay real estate agents who can guide you instantly about your new home. Do not let the home search become like Bigfoot, your time and energy is not worth wasting. The professional approach will help you find the home that is just right for your family.

Searching In the Wrong Places

Looking for an affordable home in the bay area can be complex if you are searching in the wrong places. There are luxury homes for sale as well as small homes, but again you cannot start looking for bigfoot. Hundreds of websites allow searching for homes, but you need to select a reliable one who can cover every area of the city. You need accurate and up to date information; some websites show listings for homes that are not on sale.

A good idea is to avoid the National sites while searching for a home online, only search for local Real Estate professionals. If their website home page is informative and reliable, then you can save them as favorites. This way there will be no need to scroll through dozens or sites and pull out the best one for showing it to your family while driving.

Avoid Temptation To Spend More Than Budget

Sometimes due to a wish of kids or wife, you may decide to spend a significant amount on your real estate purchase than your budget allows and fall into the temptation of going over-budget. It won’t is much joy when you buy an expensive house but runs out of finances to decorate it. Pick an area like Oakland MLS search that is not more than 30 minutes far from your workplace or kid’s school. You need to have some amount saved for home repairs and appliance replacements or etc. Expand your search to look for a most suitable area in the neighborhoods so you can move there right away and start a brand new happy life.

How Professional Real Estate Agents Make a Difference in Your Life?

Buying a property or selling a home is the most challenging task of the 21st century. The modern needs of human beings have evolved, and the architectures has changed, now the clients demand more compelling designs and beautifully built houses in affordable price. The elegant people always choose a home design that suits their needs; real estate professionals are in a better position to convince them what are the market conditions and how they should proceed. How they really make a difference in your lifestyle can be explained by the following facts.

Realtors know Things Better Than You

There are many things that buyers and sellers have to go through during a property deal. The most important thing is the market rate and condition, which only experienced property agents can tell about to their clients. They know the tips and techniques to redesign and staging your house for sale; they also know what type of buyers would be interested in buying it. They can answer the following questions to make your decision easy:

  • The means and media to advertise your home for sale.
  • The details list of potential buyers for your home.
  • Where most buyers are coming from to see your house or villa.
  • The expected number of days of weeks to sell your house.
  • The modern real estate trends in your city or vicinity.
  • Challenges you may face during the selling and remodeling your home.

The Realtors Provide Facts and Realistic Information

The Oakland real estate agents know the in-depth information in your area to educate you in a proper way. They provide you facts so you can face reality instead of daydream. Many sellers expect more price than they can get for their property, they help you realistically to get the most value for your money. They may also guide you so you can get above average rate for your beloved property. They will help you avoid mistakes due to inexperience with property matters.

They Provide Effective Marketing Strategy

Selling a property and spreading the word out is the first and foremost thing professional agents do for you to achieve your goal. To reach quickly to the potential buyers and seller, these days the social media marketing is a savvy tool. Everyone is tempted to go to the internet to search for property and post their homes for sale on related websites. Once your home is listed on the real estate’s website, chances are it will sell immediately. You can reach an incredible amount of interested people locally or internationally through the internet and social media platforms.

Agents know how to use the digital marketing tools well, they do a predictive analysis for several homes. They will use smart video marketing and graphical techniques to present your house elegantly to the public.

Agents are Best Negotiators

No need to worry if you have not deal with selling a home before. If you do not have enough experience to make a deal, then this transaction may become more complicated for you. Most female house owners do not know a single thing about selling a home, they have a difficult time negotiating with the buyers and cannot counter their offers. They often end up considering selling their house on low price; this is where real estate agents come in handy.They will meet your needs in the best way and negotiate the best offer for your home.

East Bay luxury real estate since the very beginning

This is the post excerpt.

Abio Properties is a leading Real Estate Agency in the East Bay which has a wide variety of different landscapes and demographics. You will find all sorts of East Bay real estate in the region ranging from huge Condos in San Francisco to the nice and comfortable apartments in the high-rise buildings of Oakland. If you are looking for a nice and quiet place in the countryside, we may also find you East Bay luxury real estate near the dazzling parks of Oakland.


Living in East Bay

East Bay is one of the most livable places in the whole country. You will find a very delightful lifestyle in the East Bay. With a number of discos and restaurants open till late after midnight you may never go bore in the area of East Bay. If you wish to go out on a stroll in the night time or a long drive you may find the streets and interstates of East Bay quiet safe and lively. There are several concerts going on around the area all the time to keep you up to date with your favorite celebrities and bands and get a vibe of the hollywood. You may also find a lot of Cafes and Bars where you can enjoy a simple meal or a cup of coffee if you want to spend some time alone to concentrate on the on goings in your life. With Oakland being the largest city in the area which constitutes as a major transportation hub and the port which is the largest one in North Carolina. The east bay real estate is a well-planned area with major tourist attractions including numerous amounts of parks, lakes and picnic spots. It comprises of some of the major cities and towns of America including Oakland, Lamorinda and Albany not mentioning the famous Costa Contra County.


Real Estate in East Bay

East bay is one of the favorite regions in the United States to find homes in. Abio Properties is a leading agency to deal in the east bay luxury real estate. We deal in all sorts of lands and properties including the apartments in the high-rise buildings, condos, houses including the lands and real estates in the quitter areas of Lamorinda. Located at the eastern region of the San Francisco Bay Area. East bay luxury real estate is among the most expensive and the most elegant in the whole of United States. With a high population rate of around 2.5 million, East Bay serves as the most populous region in the Bay Area. The East Bay Regional Parks District manages about 50 big parks near which you can find some great east bay luxury real estate. You may also find good real estate near the famous cuisines of the area such as California Cuisine and the Chez Panisse and other dozens of places to eat including the famous Gourmet Ghetto.