Oakland Real Estate Agents are the real Matchmakers

Abio Properties has become a professional entity who has been delivering its well sought for services in the entire region of East Bay, California. We believe our success comes from the direct results brought forth by our teams which are why we hire only the most adequate and competent people for the job. Our services are amongst the top notch in the city of Oakland and its outskirts. The Oakland Real Estate agents working with us can be drawn against any tests without fails because of their strict adherence to the principles and values of becoming a professional.

The Real Estate agents and their job

The Oakland real estate agents are both licensed to represent buyers and sellers as well as both of the parties at the same time. They deliver their services directly in the supervision of a Realtor or a Broker. They provide the agents with additional training in the profession. The income of the Agents is mostly form the commissions they earn so in order to make a successful career out of this profession, they are required to make more deals and assist more clients.

The duties of the agents depend on their role of representing a buyer or a seller. Working for the seller, the agents’ role is to advise the client in order to enhance the image of the house and to present different methods to generate more revenue on the deal. This involves advertising the property through the Listing services such as MLS and other networking methodologies. On the other hand having the buyer as a client, the agent is responsible for finding the ideal deal for their clients and make sure they walk through their clients with all the complex paperwork and other peculiarities involved in the deal. It also involves a thorough research on the different neighborhoods on behalf of the clients in order to find them a most suitable option.

The Real Estate agent can also represent both the parties in which case it is incumbent on them to make aware their clients about their multi-role. The loyalty and honesty with the mix of professionalism can bring both parties to an agreeable settlement offer more conveniently. This role is called as the “Dual Agency”. In the followed practice however, the natural disposition of the agent is towards the seller. In this role, if the broker gives the impression to the buyer that they will negotiate the best price for the latter’s interest, the practice is known as “undisclosed dual agency” which is both unethical and illegal in the city of Oakland and all other cities. The loyal agent’s practices involve disclosing all the relevant information which is vital such as the Price to the seller which endorses loyalty, care as well unforeseen confidentiality. In order to operate in the city of Oakland, the agent must bring fairness and honesty to their customers and have in possession a signed document of Dual Agency Agreement from both the parties.


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