Lamorinda Realtors believe, the Best Investment on Earth is Earth

Abio Properties is amongst the most popular and its services are well sought for in the state of California. Our realtors are the professionals and are well aware of the different cities in the state. Our services encompass the area of Lamorinda and its outskirts as well. Being amongst the top real estate firms in the state, we make sure to hire the right people for the right job especially when it comes to the employees who deal directly with our clients. The Lamorinda Realtors hired by us are all associated with the National Association of Realtors and follow the code of ethics presented by this organization.

The National Association of Realtors

This National Association of REALTORS® consists of more than one million members from coast to coast. It was founded in 1908 by the people involved in the government and the realtors themselves. The organization, apart from its many functionalities, puts forward a charter of the Code of Ethics and expects and encourages all the members who are directly or indirectly involved in the real estate business to follow them. This ensures the quality of the realtor’s work and the satisfaction of the clients and customers. These code of ethics are also enforced by real estate board of Lamorinda. The Standards of Practice followed by the Lamorinda Realtor are contained in the code of ethics charter which is not just a bunch of rules but constricting and confining guidelines. These articles are implied for the regular dealings of the Realtor where amongst which the first and foremost is the Honesty disregarding being fair to all parties.

The Code of Ethics for a Lamorinda Realtor

There are 17 Code of Ethics that the Realtors must follow and it is also worthwhile to mention that the Realtor must, at all costs, put the interests of their clients above them. The 17 principles are as under:-

  1. Treat all the parties with honesty and put the interests of themselves beneath the interests of their customers.
  2. It is incumbent on the realtors to investigate all the facts and communicate them with their customers when the situations require and refrain from misrepresenting, exaggerating and concealing the material facts.
  3. Realtors must cooperate with other Real Estate firms and their agents when it is desired and required by the clients.
  4. If the realtors themselves are in the possession of a property which they are presenting to their clients or even if their relatives are in any way in ownership of that property, the realtors are incumbent to disclose this information to their clients.
  5. The realtors should not extend any sort of services if they themselves become in any way interested in the property they are representing.
  6. The commissions collected by the realtor shall not be from any third party agent and even if otherwise, shall not be collected without the prior consent taken from the client.
  7. The realtor must refuse the fees from more than one party without the informed consent of all the parties.
  8. They must not mix the funds of clients with their own.
  9. A copy of all the Signed Documents shall be circulated with all the involved members of a deal.
  10. They are forbidden to conduct any discrimination on the basis of any grounds, may it be race, language, color or riches or any grounds.
  11. The realtors are expected to be competent and committed to their services and should not extend any service they are not authorized are capable enough to do so.
  12. They should use honest advertising.
  13. They must not practice as a lawyer unless it is their simultaneous profession.
  14. They shall fully cooperate with the authorities if they are charged with any misdemeanor and shall provide all the evidence required by the former.
  15. They must not abuse in any way to their counterparts and must beware of filing an unfounded ethics complaints.
  16. They shall not represent the clients of another realtor simultaneously.
  17. In case of any legal proceedings, should always vote for arbitration.

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