Stage Your Home to Sell Brilliantly

Have you decided to sell your existing home? If so, then you must plan a strategy to sell it to potential buyers by presenting it in a brilliant way. You usually live in a house with some deficiencies; major improvements may be required when you have your house for SALE. It could mean adding a few attractive kitchen appliances on the counter, renovating your bathroom with shower enclosures or fill your living room with artificial flowers to provide an elegant feel to your home. Staging your home for selling should meet your goal of SELLING it.

No Need for a Professional Home Stager

To make the home beautiful so that your buyers can love it, you do not need to hire a professional home stager. Do not spend money like crazy for doing the simple things that you can do yourself; for example, packing up your clothes for creating space in the closets, clean off counters in the kitchen and bathrooms, take out some extra furniture from your rooms to make them look spacious, etc. You can do these things with little effort with family. Moreover, do not cover backyard doors with furniture; make room to reach out to porch easily.

Let the Sunlight into the House

The buyers love to buy a sunny and shiny house with sunlight pouring inside. Clean the plantation shutters and put the plants under direct sunlight. Use smooth curtains that do not block sunlight from entering the rooms.

Re-arrange Your Bathroom like a Hotel

People living in mls east bay area maybe a little choosy about their bathroom style, what you can do to renovate your bathroom look like a hotel is to sparkle it with linens. Use sparkling towels provide a feel and look of a spa or hotel bathroom. Guests would love it and enjoy visiting your bathroom. A shower curtain would attract the buyers; brilliant bathrooms have white curtains with a railing. Put one or two round mirrors above faucets for beauty and need.

Turn All Your Lights on during Buyer’s Visit

You can figure out with family how much light each room needs. An attractive way to present your east bay homes for sale in a fabulous way is to turn all your lights on to brighten up your house. No room or bathroom should look dark during a buyer’s visit; inexpensive lamps can do a good job for glowing your rooms. The brightly lit shiny house will never give a depressive feeling to the buyers.

Change the Kitchen Looks

Buyers of houses for sale love granite counter in the kitchen. It looks good, and it is durable as well. Paint your kitchen and let it dry with a light color like white, cream or blue to increase your chances of a sale.

Ditch the Rugs

A large majority of buyers prefer to buy a house with hardwood floors. If you have a carpet throughout the main living area that may be fine for you but a buyer can refuse the deal in that case. A rug will look bad, and it may also smell like pets.

Set the Temperature

A quickly selling house has one quality of a moderate and mild temperature. No one likes to live in a new house that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. You can apply some measures to control the humidity in the house; the overly stuffy house can be turned into a welcoming paradise if the buyers take a breath of fresh air after entering your house.


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